JVMS serves the entire greater Boston community and accepts all applicants without regard to gender, race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation; we accept all applications regardless of stage of development or quality of venture. The nature of the venture’s business must be legal. Probability of success is not a factor. Our ventures’ businesses represent, but are not limited to, the following sectors—biotech, clean technology, ecommerce, education, finance, food service, healthcare, IT, lifestyle, mobile apps, retail and software. Our ventures’ affiliation with JVMS ranges from weeks to months depending on the venture’s life cycle stage and overall business and venture requirements. In addition, as alumni, ventures experience the benefits of being part of a thriving Jewish entrepreneurial community.

All JVMS participants are assured impartial and unbiased advice by a strict code of ethics. All engagement with JVMS is confidential and under nondisclosure.


  • Entrepreneurs receive practical hands-on support from mentoring teams continually tailored to reach entrepreneur’s challenges
  • Ventures have the opportunity to participate in JVMS Showcase events where they can present for investors and other community members.
  • Access to Koshare co-working space (including free WiFi as well as other office amenities).
  • All participants become part of the invaluable JVMS community and its extended network

The process

  1. Ventures must be ready for mentoring and in a position to act on mentor suggestions in order to realize the greatest value from the process. See Readiness Criteria for Prospective JVMS Ventures (download doc) for further details.
  2. Click on the Venture Application button, fill out form and submit. The application goes directly to JVMS.
  3. Each venture is guaranteed an initial session to assess the needs of the venture.
  4. Based on the assessment, ventures receive team and/or individual mentoring.
  5. Ventures may be invited to present in one of our unique invite-only showcase events. These events provide a forum to present their business story to mentors, investors and other community members.
  6. Affiliation with JVMS ranges from weeks to months depending on the venture’s life cycle stage and overall business and venture requirements.

Venture Testimonials

  • “JVMS has introduced us to great mentors and through their network we have been able to connect with key distribution partners in the greater Boston area”. “One of the greatest benefits, in addition to receiving great mentoring, is having mentors that are so well connected.” - Alex Burakovsky, Co-Founder of Grill Easy
  • “We had the wonderful opportunity to make beneficial connections through JVMS Mentors. They have helped us to think about our business and fundraising strategy in a more innovative way. The last two mentors, Rony Sellam and David Benaim, have been immense help. One connected us with an important marketing manager and the other has provided us with valuable advice regarding fundraising.” - Mai Le Libman, Founder of Savione
  • ”We learned so much after just one mentor meeting. I can already tell that JVMS will do a lot of good for the community.” - Jonah Benstein, Founder of Cognition Medical Corp.
  • “JVMS is an innovative organization that provides amazing opportunities for new and existing entrepreneurs. I was immediately matched with an invaluable contact, who then introduced me to other advisors and mentors who could address my specific needs. The experience has been and continues to be extremely helpful. I feel as though my business has progressed more in the past few months than it had in the past few years due to the efforts and dedication of JVMS.” - Tania Shah LawTutors, LLC
  • “JVMS has done a great job of connecting my startup with thoughtful and successful mentors that are interested in my company's development and success.” - Adam Garfield, Founder of SpeedETab
  • “After being involved in other ‘venture mentor’ programs, I can confidently say that the quality of mentors and contacts that JVMS provides is top notch. It's a great program to be a part of.” - Jason Schuman, Founder of Category Five
  • “JVMS is a wonderful opportunity to connect with a fabulous team of mentors who are eager to help.” - Alexis Fox, Founder of Lighter
  • “I really appreciate the support I have gotten from the JVMS mentors. They are genuine, and very generous with their time. I am looking forward to getting to know my mentors over the coming months.” - Aylit Schultz, Founder of AQH
  • “This is a great organization, very helpful and generous for young entrepreneurs. Gave me a lot of food for thought and connected me with a mentor in my industry.” - Andrew Visnick, Founder of CoolCollegeCleaners