JVMS believes strongly in the Jewish tradition of tzedakah. Tzedakah is the Hebrew word for charitable acts--giving aid, assistance and/or money to those in need. The word tzedakah is derived from the Hebrew root, tzadei-dalet- qof, meaning righteousness, justice or fairness. In Judaism, the act of giving is not viewed as a generous, magnanimous act; it is simply an act of justice and righteousness; it is our duty.

  • JVMS gives back. Our program is entirely free.
  • JVMS Mentors give back. Our mentors are volunteers, giving freely of their time and skills to assist those pursuing opportunities.
  • JVMS entrepreneurs give back. Our entrepreneurs want to give back to the community that fosters their development and growth.

Donor Giving

JVMS is funded entirely by the generous giving from the community. We would greatly appreciate your donation to help us continue providing important mentoring services to those entrepreneurs in need. We also appreciate in-kind donations that add value to our organization and especially for our ventures.

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For in-kind or any other types of donations or for more information, please email info@j-vms.org